Jaiveek Soncer Plus is a Premium Organic Product from Jaiveek Stable; it is made up from Dehydrated Demethanised Cattle Dung (DDCD), Press Mud, Tobacco Dust and also other Micro Organisms including Amino Solutions.

Dehydrated Demethanised Cattle Dung

It is the most useful ingredient of all which makes the Product the best replacement of Farm yard Manure. There is a Increasing dearth of Farm Yard Manure due to dwindling cattle dung population and management of Cattle dung, thus making it increasingly difficult for the people to use it in the field. Due to demethanisation we have composted the cattle dung and thus have removed the unwanted elements of the cattle dung. 

Long lasting Improvements in Soils physical and chemical characteristics can only be possible using Organic Manures. 

So this gives excellent improvement in Soil.

Press Mud

By mixing Press Mud with the DDCD we can reduce the heat of Press Mud and allow it to get composted, we also put some of the Bio-Micro Organisms like AZB, RHB, KSB,PSB, TCD and Amino solutions along with the above mix which will intensify the composting of the Mixture. Application of Press Mud in the mixture improves availability of Zinc, calcium, magnesium and Manganese. In calcareous soil it reduces pH, EC and ESP and increases available status of the soil. Use of Press mud also Improves porosity, water holding capacity and soil structure.

Tobacco Dust

It is a natural source of Pesticidal properties. Since the late Seventeenth century tobacco and its alkaloid, nicotine, have been used as a insecticide. Tobacco is deadly to insects and toxic to animals. It dissipates rapidly from plants that have been sprayed or dusted. It is useful against soft-bodied insects such as Aphids, Greenhouse Whiteflies, Leafhoppers, Psylla, Thrips, and Mites. It is used in our product in limited amount of 10-20% thus making it safe for the beneficial insects. This can help reduce use of chemical pesticides and Soncer Plus product can be a potent source of Fertigation with Pesticidal properties. So thus it can serve as 3 in 1 Product mix mainly FYM, Press mud and TD.

Amino Solutions & Mega Bacillus:

Soncer Plus Contains Amino Solution with Mega Bacillus Bio-Micro Organisms which have following Effects. In addition to AS + MB, we also have spraying of AZB, RHB, KSB, PSB and other Micro Organism including TCD.

  1. Develops useful Enzymes and Vitamins.
  2. Suppresses Harmful substances like ammonia and hydrogen sulfer.
  3. Develops free Phosphorous, Prevents soil diseases ( Fusarium and Nematode Suppression)
  4. It increases photosynthesis process even in rainy seasons.
  5. Improves the quality of Compost ( Growth of Actinomycete & Bacillus)
  6. Suppresses side effect of chemical residues, and increases atmospheric nitrogen fixation.

When Soncer Plus is recommended?

  1. Complimentary product for farm yard manure. It reduces cost to the Farmers of the Unorganised and poor Quality FYM. Generally Farmer needs around 5-6 trolleys of FYM / Acre / annum to increase the availability of nutrients and water retention capacity but due to Soncer Plus they will need arround 2-3 trolleys of FYM / Acre / annum
  2. Due to technologically derived formula it requires 100 Kg / Acre dose and very cost effective to the farmer compared to normal FYM.
  3. It increases soil’s water retention capacity and organic material feeds and hosts a huge number of beneficial soil organisms, such as earth worms and microbes, which continuously work toward improving soil fertility.

    1 Moisture KF % >25
    2  pH  (1:2) pH meter   8.1
    3 Organic Carbon Classical % 5.05
    4 T-P205 spectrophotometer % 1.84
    5 T-Nitrogen Distillation % 1.65
    6 Pottasium as K20 Flame Photo % 0.97
    7 Sodium Flame Photo % 0.82
    8 Iron A.A.Spectro % 0.47
    9 Calcium A.A.Spectro % 1.1
    10 Magnesium A.A.Spectro % 1.05
    11 Mangenese A.A.Spectro ppm 266
    12 Zinc A.A.Spectro ppm 126
    13 Molybdenum A.A.Spectro ppm < 5
    14 Copper A.A.Spectro ppm 39
    15 Cobalt A.A.Spectro ppm 70
    16 C:N Ratio calculation   3.06
    17 Density Classical gm/ml 0.47

Packaging:- 40Kg.

Application of Fertilizer

Dosage:- 50 to 100 Kg as per acre depending on type of sowing & Soil type.

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