Company creation

DIBDC is a private owned investment promotion and facilitation agency. We help investors to set up company, representation, partnership and others in Ghana.

Pre-creation phase

  • Existence of an object and a headquarter
  • Company name
  • Company legal form
  • Adoption of the company status
  • Location
  • Request or reception of necessary authorization or agreements.



Legal and Administrative constitution phase

  • Status issuance
  • General Assembly
  • Establishment and registration of payment
  • Opening of a capital account
  • Papers authentification (company)
  • Status registration (company)
  • Declaration of existence
  • Fiscal registration to obtain a fiscal file number
  • Fiscal declaration
  • Professional tax payment
  • Obtention of trading licence
  • Registration at « Register General  » to obtain analytical and chronologial number
  • Statistical registration to obtain statistical number
  • Fiscal registration to obtain fiscal ID number
  • Obtention of a professional card

Post constitution phase

  • Personnel hiring
  • Opening a bank account
  • Publication in the newspapers