Presentation of Ghana

Ghana, the gateway to Africa is situated right in the heart of West Africa. Its borders extend from the Gulf of Guinea covering a distance of about 672km from the south to the north, and about 540 km from the east to the west. It covers an entire area of about 239, 533 km² (or 92,000 square miles).


There are two main seasons of rainfall in the south starting from April to June and the minor rains from September to October. The northern region experiences a single rainy season from June to October. There is a dry season from November to April.


Ghana has a tropical climate, hottest months March, April, 23-31ºC and the coldest month, August 22-27 ºC. There are relatively long dry season from mid October to March.


The country’s vegetation includes : the forest vegetation zone ( parts of Western, Eastern, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and Volta-regions .The northern savannah vegetation zone comprises the Upper East, Upper West and the Northern Region .While the Coastal Savannah  includes mainly the Central, Greater Accra and parts of  Volta Region .


The warm sun, the regular rains and the fertile soils join together to give exuberant vegetation. As a result, dense tropical rain forests have over the years being conserved and developed into game reserves and theme parks.


The Ghanaian hospitality is legendary. In this peaceful and loving country, all visitors are received warmly and sincerely regardless of race, religion, nationality or sex. Ghanaians are often referred to as ' Africa’s Friendliest People '.


Ghana has an estimated population of about 23.5 millions. It is made up of 75 ethnic groups speaking  46 languages and dialects.

Time Zone: Greenwich Meridian Time  ( 0 )

Currency : Euro and Ghanaian Cedi
1.00 EUR = 2.10 GHS
1.00 GHS = 0.47 EUR
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Ghanaian Cedi and United States Dollar
1.00 GHS = 0.63 USD
1.00 USD = 1.57 GHS
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Pound Sterling and Ghanaian Cedi
1.00 GBP = 2.42 GHS
1.00 GHS = 0.41 GBP
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Telephone country code :  233

GDP by sector / agriculture:  37.3%     industry:25.3%         services: 37.5% (2006 est)

Labor force by occupation / agriculture : 56%     industry : 15%      services : 29% (2005 est)

Core industries : Mining, light manufaturing, aluminium smelting, food processing, cement and others .

Export goods : gold , cocoa, timber, tuna, bauxite, aluminuim , manganese ore, diamonds and horticulture

Main export partners : Netherlands 13.4%, Ukraine 11.7%, United Kingdom 8%, France 5.7%, United States 5.1% (2008)

Import goods : capital equipment, petroleum, foodstuffs.

Main import partners : China 16%, Nigeria 15%, India 5.6%, United States 5.6%, France 4.5%, United Kingdom 4.5%