The Ghana government is pursuing a policy of attracting foreign direct investments as one of the key strategies for the development of the country. For this purpose, DraBeny Investment and Business Development Centre ( DIBDC ) has been established in 2005 with business development executives  to facilitate and promote private domestic and foreign investments in Ghana. The DIBDC's role is to ensure that the business climate of Ghana is attractive and conducive for the success of private enterprises and for investments in general. A team of consultants, business development executives and innovative thinkers at DiBDC with a strong industry expertise offers a personalized range of services to facilitate and promote investments.

These include:

  • Advising on investment opportunities;
  • Assisting for setting up businesses, and issuing work permits, visas, licenses and any other clearances;
  • Acting as a bridge between Public and Private Sector.

The structure of DIBDC includes three departments:

  • The Marketing Department;
  • The Facilitation and Relations with the investors Department;
  • The Reform and Business Climate Department.

Moving as a success facilitator for investors, DIBDC also offers the following services:

  • Providing all necessary authorizations for tourism industry;
  • Granting environmental permits when required;
  • Registering and setting up a company in 3 days;
  • Granting long-term visas and work permits for expatriates.